Clipper Contacts

If you would like more information on services available or programs from Clipper, please e-mail info@clipperdist.net or call Customer Services at 1-800-759-3644.


Customer Service for current Clipper Distributors

Hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm (Central time)
Address: 1302 South 59th Street
Saint Joseph, Missouri 64507 USA
Phone: 800-759-3644 or 816-364-5777
Fax: 816-364-4969
Email: info@clipperdist.net

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The Clipper team

Kevin Speltz

President and CEO
Phone: 816-364-5777 

Scott Johnson

Manager of Strategic Alliances
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 113


Kevin Conaway

IT Administrator

Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 114

Ray Hackler

Midwest Regional Sales Consultant
e-mail: rhackler@clipperdist.net
Cell: 816-716-5613
Office: 800-759-3644

Kris Corrigan

Western Regional Sales Consultant
e-mail: kcorrigan@clipperdist.net
Cell: 818-929-5747
Office: 800-759-3644


Tracy Hatfield

Sales Support Manager
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 115

Kurt Roberts

Purchasing Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 116

Jennifer Parker

Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 119

Heather Ziph

Marketing Assistant
e-mail: hziph@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 112

John Ebling

Financial Analyst
e-mail: jebling@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 129

Jim Miller

VP of Operations 
e-mail: jmiller@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 102

Mindy Deming

Human Resources Specialist
e-mail: mdeming@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 121

Dave Schottel

Warehouse & Facilities Manager
e-mail: dschottel@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 108 

Mark Easter

Southeastern Regional Sales Consultant
e-mail: measter@clipperdist.net
Cell: 205-616-9938
Office: 800-759-3644

Charlie Meyer

Northeastern Regional Sales Consultant
e-mail: cmeyer@clipperdist.net
Cell: 571-224-3089
Office: 800-759-3644

John Anderson

Sales Support Manager
e-mail: janderson@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 120

Anna Gomez

Customer Services
e-mail: agomez@clipperdist.net

Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 103

Becky Potter

Customer Service
e-mail: bpotter@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 122

Sandy Schott

Marketing Assistant
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 105

Rikki Bruntmeyer

Accounting/Admin Clerk
e-mail: rbruntmeyer@clipperdist.net
Phone: 816-364-5777 Ext. 128