Thank you for considering Clipper Distributing for your animal health distribution needs!

Clipper Distributing has been an influential leader of the animal health industry for over 25 years, providing manufacturers with a reliable logistics, sales and marketing partner.


Clipper currently works with large and small manufacturers, both domestic and international, as well as specialty firms, to deliver products weekly to every major distributor’s warehouse nationwide.


Clipper continues to seek out new vendor partners who have innovative products that fill needs in the US animal health market.



Our road to partnership begins with an objective and detailed evaluation of you, the vendor, your product(s), and a market assessment. Please contact us at the email below to get your application.





Take a look at some of the services Clipper has to offer!

Sales Support Offers:
  • Product focus, education and training
  • Features and demonstrations at district, regional and national sales meetings
  • Representation and featured products at major veterinary conferences
  • In-clinic consultations
  • Product progress to be reviewed at all distributor management meetings
  • Introduction to veterinary schools
  • Sales technique coaching
Marketing Capabilities Include:
  • Programs and promotions
  • Advertising in monthly distributor publications
  • Video training for distributor reps with measurable retention quizzes
  • Interactive kiosk product focus with supporting surveys and analytics
  • Informational and promotional literature
  • Mailers sent directly to all targets on lead lists
  • Promotional research and development
  • Social media marketing with measurable analytics
Clipper’s Warehouse:
  • Is a 42,000 square foot distribution center
  • Houses, receives and ships more than 1,500 products
  • Currently serves 9 distributors
  • Ships to 70+ locations across the country
  • Uses a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System
  • Has a 99.987% shipping accuracy
  • Stores and ships temperature-controlled products, HAZMAT products and more